Pure, organic essential oils and cold-pressed plant-based oils are combined with ingredients to add strength and shine to your hair.

Ready for soft, shiny and healthy hair? These one-step wonder oils will restore your hair and scalp back to life. Beneficial for all hair types, these handcrafted oils help fight frizz, protect against heat damage, mend split ends and feed your hair the nourishment it craves.

Developed by an accomplished hair-care professional, I AM Organic oils are 100% natural, organic, lightweight and full of vitamins and minerals.

Scalp Therapy™ is a non-greasy hair treatment that leaves your scalp healthy, moisturized and rejuvenated.

Moisture Therapy™ will leave your hair and scalp nourished and moisturized for shiny, frizz-free and manageable locks.

There are no artificial colors, artificial fragrances, animal products, parabens or unnatural preservatives used in any of these products. All products are small batch and handcrafted in Atlanta, Georgia.

I AM Organic… are you?


An effective hair treatment that leaves hair smooth and shiny.

A combination of Moringa Oleifera, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary, Orange and Lime help to:

· Reduce hair shedding
· Helps cure damage and breakage
· Restore and prevent split ends
· Protect hair from styling tools
· Stimulate circulation and blood flow to the scalp
· Deliver powerful antioxidants directly to your skin cells

Leaves hair and scalp nourished and moisturized for shiny, frizz-free hair.

DIRECTIONS FOR — USE: Moisture Therapy: Apply to wet or dry hair.

Shake bottle well and apply 1-4 drops into palm and work evenly into hair. Style as usual.

Scalp Therapy: Apply to wet or dry hair. Shake bottle well. Separate hair into two-inch sections, slowly run the dropper the length of your scalp and massage the oil into the scalp as you go, work the treatment through the ends. To maximize effects, wrap a warm towel around the hair. Leave in for at least 35 minutes. Shampoo and condition hair. Style as usual.

Warning: Do not use this product if you are allergic to nuts. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. If pregnant or nursing, consult with your physician prior to use. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


A non-greasy hair treatment for a moisturized, rejuvenated and healthy scalp.

A combination of Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, Carrot Oil, Rosemary and Clary Sage help to:

· Break up harmful build-up around the scalp · Promote hair growth
· Manage curly and unruly hair
· Fight dandruff

· Protect hair from harmful free radicals
· Repair chemically damaged hair
· Increase scalp’s blood flow and circulation

Leaves scalp clean and healthy resulting in stronger hair from root to tip.


I’ve been using I AM Organic Moisture Therapy oil for a year and love it. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t go on heavy nor do you need a lot. It also doesn’t make my hair feel oily. I add it to my hair every time I wash and then apply it before blowing drying it and half straightening or curling it. I’ve only used it on my face once and it made my skin feel so soft and it wasn’t extremely oily. I use it on my hair mainly. My hair type is thick and naturally curl. I usually apply a dime size worth. My hair wasn’t damaged but I’ve seen a massive improvement of keeping away split ends. I love how my hair looks by using this awesome oil treatment!!
Candice, GA 2/12/15

I AM Organic treatment oils are amazing! I use Scalp Therapy and Moisture Therapy on my hair and body everyday. I’ve been using these oils for 2 yrs. now on my hair skin and body. The oils are very lightweight and don’t make my hair feel weighed down even with having fine hair. I do a treatment about every week and rotate between the 2 oils using a quarter size amount from scalp to ends. I leave this on my hair for a hour and rinse then apply a few drops to ends then begin to style. I use these oils all over my body and face everyday which leaves my skin feeling silky smoothy! I AM Organic products are the best!
Angela, GA 2/1/15

I’ve been using I AM Organic Moisture Therapy oil for 10months now.
I’ve noticed Smoother hair and skin
Use oil on scalp once a week
Use to smooth hair after blow dry once a week
Use on wild gray hairs to tame
Use on face nightly
Normal curly hair
Use a few drops each time
Hair feels stronger and looks sleeker
Skin and hair is well hydrated this winter
Smells wonderful and is gentle yet effective
Suzie, GA 2/25/15

I’ve been using I AM Organic Moisture therapy oil since Sept. 2014 & Scalp Therapy since June of last year. I have noticed that when I use I Am Organic oils that it mended my split ends and hydrated my hair. I apply treatment after every shower. I haven’t use the oil on my skin. I use the product on my scalp and on my ends. I have curly, color treated hair. I use a few drops in sections on my scalp. My hair was dry, frizzy, with split ends before I used I AM Organic haircare products. The thing I love about I AM Organic therapy oils is that I actually saw results with the product as opposed to other products. I no longer have dandruff or split ends and my hair feels healthier.
Mary, GA 2/25/2015

I AM Organic Moisture Therapy oil has a great smell and soften my hair. I’ve been using Moisture Therapy oil since Nov.2014 I have medium/ thick long blonde color treated hair. To keep my hair healthy I apply a treatment once every 1-2 weeks sometimes more or less. I apply just a few drops of the oil in my hair when I get out of the shower while hair is still damp and let soak in. I love the smell of Moisture Therapy oil and how smooth it leaves my hair feeling! I also like that you can get a lot of use out of one bottle.
Alicia, MI 2/15/15

I AM Organic Scalp Therapy Oil has made my hair super soft! Looks and feels healthier! I’ve been using Scalp Therapy since summer 2014. I have fine,thin hair. I often apply a treatment every time I wash my hair, as a leave-in treatment. I’m using about 5 drops. I work it into the ends of the hair and mid -length apply product after washing my hair, before drying/styling my hair. When I first started using Scalp Therapy oil my hair condition was in decent shape, ends were dry though. I love that I AM Organic hair care products is all natural. I also love that with just a little product my hair especially the ends are softer and healthier looking.
April, GA 2/25/15

I’m a big fan of I AM Organic products. I’ve been using Moisture/ Scalp Therapy oil on my hair, face. hands and body for 2 years now. It keeps my dry hands and skin feel nourished in this winter weather. I use this products daily on my skin and hair. I feel it moistens my hair and scalp. Less is more last a long time. I love that it’s all natural. It’s has the perfect blend to not feel greasy and great absorption to my skin. I also apply the oil after I shave my face it keeps my skin moistened and stops irritation.
Dominic, MI 1/2/2015

Safety Precautions

 Please read through all our safety information. Although homemade beauty products are generally very well-tolerated by most people, essential oils are powerful and it is important to be attentive to avoid any unusual reactions.

Always patch-test before using new ingredients

When making homemade beauty products for the first time, check for hypersensitivity with a small patch test. Smear a small amount of product on your arm, and let it sit for a few minutes. If you’re patch-testing an essential oil, mix 1-2 drops with 4-6 drops of carrier oil to dilute it for testing. Rinse off, and wait 48 hours. If your skin has any negative reaction, stop using the product immediately. If the reaction is severe or worsens, consult a doctor.

How can I tell if my skin is having a sensitivity reaction?

Hypersensitivity reactions to essential oils range from very mild to moderate -look for redness, itchiness, swelling, hives or burning in the area where you patch-tested. True allergic reactions to essential oils are rare because oils don’t contain the proteins that cause allergic reactions, but it is possible to have a hypersensitivity reaction that closely resembles an allergic one.

Some essential oils are slightly more likely to cause sensitivity than others -be certain to patch test rosemary, cedarwood, tea tree, peppermint, and tamaru oil before using.

Avoid the eye area and ears

Do not bring your blended DIY products in contact with your ears or eyes. Should eye contact occur, gently rinse your eye area with lukewarm water. If you accidentally bring an undiluted essential oil into contact with your eyes, rinse with a plant-based oil, then rinse off with water and immediately consult a doctor. Because essential oils are not water-soluble, they can be removed more easily with another oil than water. It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately if you accidentally get pure essential oil in your eye.

Be aware that some essential oils cause photosensitivity

Certain essential oils can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, and much more prone to sunburn. For your safety, it’s important to stay out of the sun and use a sunscreen for at least 6 hours after application of these oils. These essential oils are clearly marked on our product pages.

Do not ingest any homemade beauty product

Although your homemade beauty products look and smell good enough to eat, do not ingest them! If you or a child accidentally ingests a homemade beauty product, oil or ingredient, seek medical assistance right away.

Keep all ingredients and homemade products out of reach of children

Store your ingredients, finished products, and kits away from the reach of children and keep the safety caps on each bottle of oil. If a child ingests an ingredient or homemade product, get medical help right away.

Remember to dilute essential oils

Essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin or hair without being diluted first with another ingredient, usually a carrier oil. It’s especially important to dilute essential oils whenever they might come into contact with a mucous membrane, like the lips.

Keep it fresh

Make sure you add only fresh ingredients to your organic cosmetics. Our essential oils and plant-based oils stay good for 1-2 years, while our dried flowers generally stay fresh for up to 1 year. Our cosmetic clays do not expire. If you’re adding fresh fruit or vegetable ingredients to a homemade beauty product, bear in mind that it should be used right away – avocado isn’t meant to sit in a jar!

Essential oils are not for everyone

  • In general, we do not recommend using essential oils if you are: pregnant, nursing, hypersensitive, have epilepsy, fighting a hormone-dependent cancer or experiencing other medical problems. If unsure, please check with your doctor!

  • Do not use essential oils or homemade beauty products on babies and children under 3, and check with a doctor before using on children over 3.

  • If you have asthma or allergies that affect your breathing, avoid directly inhaling diffusions of essential oils.

  • Do not combine essential oils with any medical treatments without checking with your doctor.

Our products are designed to be customized to your unique face care, body care and hair care needs, but they are not a replacement for medical care or advice for serious skin and hair issues. This information does not constitute medical advice.

May 10, 2019

I have been using I AM Organic Moisture Therapy oil and am loving it. My skin was breaking out with itchy and bumpy eczema and a few drops of the essentially oil moisturized my skin within 2 days of applying the product. I am amazed with the transformation I am seeing!

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