Product Feature: After Party

  1. Do you want to add shine to your hair, be it curly, wavy, frizzy or even straight?
  2. Is it hard for you to get your hair sleek while blow drying?
  3. Do you love the sunshine, but hate the high humidity?

Well, if you said yes to one of these 3 questions I have a few tips & tricks for you. My holy grail product, After Party, is the answer to all of your troubles!

Product Benefits:

After Party is perfect for smoothing out the cuticle and helping you tame your frizz. Whether you are using heat to blow-dry, air- dry, or even using it on dry hair to re-smooth your kinks, After Party will keep you looking silky smooth. In addition, it adds shine while helping tame the frizz with its feature ingredient Propylene Glycol. This ingredient conditions as well as moisturizes your hair which leaves it shiny and fresh.


They call it After Party for a reason, can you guess why? After Party has a fragrance called fruit medley and it helps remove odor from your hair. (I know, I thought it was pretty awesome myself.) For instance, if you have been partying all night or slept out in the woods and your hair smells like a hot mess, After Party is the perfect solution. That’s why it’s called After Party, so you can stay smelling fresh even after the party ends. Hey, gurl hey!

My festival friends, party dancers, and everyday beauties After Party can help tame your frizzy locks and keep you shining with silky smooth hair. Trust me, once you try After Party you’ll be hooked!

How To Use:

Start with a pea-sized amount and rub it in your hands. Then apply it from the middle of your hair to the ends and what’s left in your hand you can apply closer to the top to tame those flyaways. A little goes a long way with this product. That being said, you can always add more if you start small. This product can be used on any hair length or texture to enhance the natural beauty in your hair.

Are you ready to party with After Party? Head over to my shop page and get yours here.

Have a beautiful hair day!

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